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Are You Ready To Build A Strong Toned and Energised Body And Put An End To The Perimenopausal Weight Gain And Symptoms Once And For All? 

If so, here’s your chance to Join Thousands of Women over 40 who are building a strong, toned and energised body and improving their perimenopausal symptoms whilst eating real and delicious food!


An important question for women over 40 who are tired of starving themselves to lose weight:

If there was a way to lose stubborn weight and improve symptoms like heavy periods, lack of sleep, night sweats and bloating…

Without torturing yourself at the gym or suffering through another restrictive diet…

Would you finally feel confident making your health & fitness your #1 priority?

Here's Why Anything Less Than a “Hell Yeah, Kitty!” Is Holding You Back From Building A Body You Love:

Truth is, most diet plans only work for women in their 20s and 30s:

The reason they don’t work for older women is because they ignore the fact that your hormones shift as you age and they don’t focus on training that builds muscle. 

And so - if you're experiencing signs of perimenopause - the fact is: 

Most of the information online on 'how to lose weight' is pretty f*cking useless.

Your body isn’t the same anymore. Your hormones are shifting and you are losing muscle.

And they're causing fat to appear in new places. If you want to put an end to the perimenopausal weight gain once and for all...

You need an approach tailored to the changes your body is going through.

 One that supports and restores your metabolism and helps balance your hormones through pro-metabolic eating & training…

One that doesn’t involve hours and hours of intense cardio that drain your energy after a bad night of sleep...

And one that gives you strength and energy by letting you eat nutritious food (yes, carbs and sugars too!).

In a moment, I’m going to show you how I helped thousands of women in their 40s and 50s get leaner, healthier and stronger bodies in 12 months...

Whilst eating real food and training 3-4 times a week! But first, it's important you understand: 

The 3 Reasons

You're Still Stuck With a Chronic Case of 'Hormonal Weight'

Reason #1: You believe the solution is ‘Eat Less, Exercise More

It’s not your fault. I spent years following the same advice.

I drastically cut calories, carbs, sugar and even entire food groups.

But it wasn’t until I met with Emma Sgourakis - an expert nutritionist - and strength coach Craig Mcdonald that I found out the truth: 

Excessive exercise & low-calorie diets slow down your metabolism.

Emma told me all the diets I tried were actually suppressing my metabolism.

So what was really happening was I was burning off my precious muscles…

Destroying my hormone production…

And keeping my body extremely tired all the time. 

I’d lose weight and just end up binge eating!

Which meant I was doomed to fail from the start. 

If you choose to keep going down this road, I can’t promise you anything else but what happened to me.

Reason #2: You think there’s something ‘wrong’ with your body 

I get it!

You feel like you’re at war with your body.

Maybe you’ve jumped a couple of pant sizes in the last years with little to no change in your diet and exercising habits…

Maybe you’re scared of how fast the increase in weight happened…

(I mean, if it was gradual at least you’d get a warning to cut back a little…)

Or maybe you look at old women in their 70s who are super thin (so clearly way past menopause)

and think: “Are they lucky or starving themselves to death?!”

And you feel like you want your ‘old’ body back!

Reason #3: You’re going at it alone

Let’s face it: 

It’s not like there’s a manual for this sh*t.

Perimenopause is one of the least talked about topics in society. 

Google hardly mentions it and most doctors are quick to dismiss our symptoms. 

And the truth is: 

People want to believe it's all effort-based, but it isn't.

If you’re not eating enough of the right foods…

Or doing the right exercises…

Or have a community of women around you to support you when new symptoms pop up or something goes wrong…

You can give it your all and still end up physically and mentally wrecked.

With All That Effort and Sacrifice..

You Deserve More Than Feeling At War With Your Body!

With the amount of time, effort, and sacrifice you’ve invested in your diet and exercising, you DESERVE the damn payoff. 

You deserve to know EXACTLY how to lose weight and improve your symptoms while eating real, nutritious food.

You deserve to actually have the right information GIVEN TO YOU, instead of chasing every new diet and being stuck losing the same 5kgs over and over. 

You deserve to feel happy with your body - finally putting an end to jumping from program to program hoping ‘this will be the one’!

And the good news is…

putting an end to perimenopausal weight gain is easier than ever!


The WinAtLife Group Coaching Program

If you’re navigating the ups and downs of your 40s or 50s and ready to take back control of your body, our one-of-a-kind 12-month program is perfect for you. With “WinAtLife” you can say goodbye to hormone imbalances, restrictive diets, and start living a healthier life today!

When you join Win At Life, you’ll…

Learn how to restore your metabolism and balance your hormones with custom nutrition, strength training workouts, and lifestyle tweaks so you can enjoy carbs and real food again, wear the clothes you love with confidence, and live a lively, empowered life.

Receive coaching from Kitty, Craig and our team of coaches. With our hands-on guidance, via our community platform and 8 live coaching calls per week. You’ll get actionable advice so you can navigate the path to your healthier self with clarity and confidence.

Join a vibrant community of women who get it. Here, you'll find support, share wins, and make friends for life, all while being surrounded by those who understand your journey inside and out.

Get access to our exclusive app where you can track your progress, and build custom meal plans. You’ll also have access to customisable training programs where each exercise has a video tutorial and a comprehensive course where Craig teaches you everything he knows about health and fitness. 


Take a Look Inside Our Course Materials & Community

Watch the video on the left for a quick preview of our course materials & community. Inside, you’ll receive a full comprehensive course that teaches you the whys and hows behind everything we do. Craig has taken the knowledge he uses with our private clients and put it all in a how-to course. We will show you everything you need to know!


Get a Sneak Peek Inside Our Training App 

See how our training & nutrition app works. Become more aware of what you are consuming, effortlessly track your meals, monitor your metabolic health markers, and progress towards your goals.

Why Should You Trust Me?

My name is Kitty Blomfield and I’m your go-to expert in metabolic health.

 Long story short, I have over 200,000 followers on Instagram who follow me because I’ve been saying pretty controversial things that go against the mainstream fitness industry.

Things like…

“You should eat more calories, carbs and sugar and fuel your body”

“Stop punishing yourself at the gym with exhausting workouts.”

“Eating less and moving more isn’t the full story”

Sounds rebellious, right?

That’s because it is.

But I’m not just stirring the pot.

I’m guiding thousands of women to lose hormonal weight sustainably by tackling the real issues like hormonal imbalances, metabolic health and other changes brought by menopause.

Meet the Women

Who Found Their Best Selves Through Our Program

How It Works 

What Will Happen When You Sign-Up For WinAtLife…

When you click the button below, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page. After entering your name, address, and card information, you’ll receive an email on how to access the community platform, coaching material, and the training app.

You’ll join the community platform. Once inside, you’ll receive your meal and training plan so you can start right away! 

You’ll get set up inside the course material platform. Here, you can go through the lessons and understand the science behind our system. You’ll also get access to a bunch of resources like recipe books, a home gym setup guide, recordings of the coaching calls, etc. 

You’ll join the training and nutrition app so you can access different training programs, track your meals, monitor your metabolic health markers, and progress towards your goals.

  • Wake up every morning feeling fully energised and your skin glowing as if you’ve just returned from a restful vacation.

  • Move through your day with a newfound confidence, picking out clothes that make you feel beautiful, no second-guessing or wardrobe changes needed.

  • Meal times become moments of pleasure NOT guilt. You enjoy every bite, relaxed in the knowledge that you’re nourishing your body with exactly what it needs.

  • As the day ends, you're still energised, ready to spend and enjoy every moment with family and friends.

This is not just a dream.

It's a very real possibility with the WinAtLife Program. 

Are you ready to make it your reality?

Join now for an unbeatable price of

$597 USD for 12 Months or $225 USD for 3 months

Think about it: at merely $1.63 per day, less than your daily cup of coffee, can you really afford to pass up on an opportunity to achieve the body you want?

Don’t wait though! The doors close as soon as the timer runs out. Join our 12-month WINATLIFE program today and achieve the body you know you deserve. 




Eating and Training Pro-metabolically

Will Change Your Life 

Feeling great in your 40s and 50s? 

It’s totally possible with WINATLIFE. 

We’re here to help you feel awesome, without getting stuck in restrictive diets or endless gym routines.

We believe that getting older should mean getting better. There’s no need for your body or happiness to take a hit as you age.

Who says you can't look and feel great, be there for your family and friends, and still have loads of energy?

Not us!

WINATLIFE gives you the know-how on eating right and exercising smart, plus getting your mindset right.Are you ready to embrace a life where you feel great every day?

These stories of transformation

Are what we’re all about!

When you join the WinAtLife Program, you’ll get…

VALUE $1,000

Our signature three-pillar approach formula

VALUE $3,000

Personalised Coaching from Kitty, Craig & our team of expert coaches

VALUE $1,997

Access to a community of like-minded women

VALUE $2,400

Exclusive Access to Our Cutting-Edge App Which We’ve Spent Over $512,000 developing

But wait, there’s more…

VALUE $997

Nutrition and Fitness Vault

Access to a comprehensive course designed to teach you everything you need to know to transform your body, mind and health.

VALUE $3,000

Expert-Led Sessions

Expert led sessions with some of our favourite pro-metabolic friends covering PUFA, red light, hormones, progesterone, dairy, digestion, stress and more.

TOTAL VALUE: $12,394





Doors SHUT In:

You are a Great Fit for Win At Life if…

  • You're experiencing hormonal imbalances that affect your weight, energy levels, and overall well-being.

  • You've noticed a slow metabolism which makes losing weight harder than it used to be.

  • You're tired of feeling tired all the time, with energy dips in the afternoon that leave you reaching for caffeine or sugary snacks.

  • You've been caught in the cycle of restrictive dieting, which leads to binge eating, guilt, and starting the cycle all over again.

  • You're confused by the mixed messages around nutrition and fitness, and you're looking for clear, evidence-based guidance.

  • You're exercising but not seeing the results you expect, possibly due to ineffective workouts or a mismatch between your activities and your body's needs. 

  • You're looking for a sustainable lifestyle change, not just another diet program, to improve your overall health and well-being for the long term.

  • You feel alone in your journey and are seeking a supportive community of women who understand and share your challenges and goals.


  • Ready to say goodbye to the painful cycle of quick-fix diets and endless cardio sessions? 

  • Ready to get a healthier body & improve your symptoms while eating real, delicious food? 

  • Ready to wake up feeling energised and happy with the person looking back at you in the mirror?

  • Ready to achieve and maintain a strong and lean body well into your 40s,50s and 60s?

Questions We Hear From Women Before They Join WinAtLife…

With all the fitness programs out there, how's WINATLIFE any different?

Unlike many programs that only focus on diet or exercise, WINATLIFE is a holistic group coaching program designed for women in their 40s and 50s. It combines nutrition, training, and mindset coaching to address the unique challenges of menopause and midlife health.

With so many cheaper programs available, why should I invest in WINATLIFE?

While there are less expensive options available, WINATLIFE offers unmatched value through its comprehensive 12-month program, including personalized nutrition and training plans, access to our private app for tracking progress, weekly group coaching calls with Kitty, Craig and the team, and a supportive community.

I've tried multiple programs before and didn't see results. How will this be different?

We hear you, and it's frustrating when programs don't deliver. Many programs fall short because they don't address the unique needs of women in their 40s or 50s. WINATLIFE is different. We focus on a balanced approach to nutrition that boosts metabolism, effective workout plans that build lean muscle, and mindset coaching to keep you motivated.

Can I really see a transformation in 12 months?

Of course! By following our metabolic transformation blueprint, using our app, and joining our weekly coaching sessions, you’ll see real changes in your body and mind in just 12 months. We’ve seen it happen time and time again!

Is this program suitable for beginners or those with health concerns?

Absolutely! Whether you’re just starting out or have specific health concerns, we tailor the program just for you. Our expert coaches are here to adjust everything to fit your needs, ensuring you’re both safe and making progress.

What if I'm unable to keep up with the program due to my busy schedule?

We understand that life can get busy, which is why our program is designed with flexibility in mind. Our app allows you to track your progress and adjust your plans as needed. Plus, if you miss a live coaching call, you'll have access to recordings so you can stay up-to-date and access to our community platform where you can reach out and get support and ask questions at any time..

Get in now for only $597 USD FOR 12 MONTHS


But hurry, the doors close as soon as the timer runs out. 

For just $1.63 a day - less than you spend on a coffee - you can work with me to restore your metabolism and get a leaner, healthier body in the next 12 months.

Don't miss this chance. Join our WINATLIFE coaching program today and achieve the body you know you deserve. 




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