Eat More, Train Less, And Get Results GUARANTEED

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We've Helped 10,244 Women Get Results By Eating More And Training Less. Are You Next?

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Note: We only take on 12 women to work with each month and thus have limited spots so apply now to join the waitlist. 

We Get It. Being A Mumma, A Woman, And A Bosslady Is Goddamn Hard.

If you are reading this, then I know that you have been putting everybody else first for years up to this point.

You’ve been taking care of your kids, your partner, your family, and your work. 

And although you love everyone that you’ve been taking care of…

But after doing this for the past 10, 20, or 30 years you’ve reached a point where you…

  • You can’t sleep. 

  • You are always stressed out.

  • Your body is breaking down.

  • You have no energy most of the time. 

  • You’re surviving on caffeine and adrenaline.

And as a result of all of this.

Your body has changed. 

You are no longer the young and vibrant 20-year-old that could eat anything and get away with it.

You can barely get away with a bad snack, let alone a weekend bender like the good old days.

And after catching glimpses of yourself in the mirror every morning…

You decide that you want to do something about it. So you start to diet or get on an exercise program.

But diet after diet and exercise plan after another… you are now tired.

  • You’re tired of losing weight and gaining it all back up again.

  • You’re tired of punishing yourself by exercising and doing cardio 6 days a week to see almost no results.

  • You are tired of depriving yourself of carbs, sugar, dairy and eating 500 calories a day.

If this resonates with you so far I want you to know that…

This is not your fault.

Forget About Eating Less And Starving Yourself…

Here’s How We’ve Helped Thousands of Women Get Results By Eating More!

First we fix your metabolism.

For years, your metabolism has taken a beating, the lack of sleep, the lack of vitamins and minerals, the lack of sunlight, the constant stress, and as a result, your digestion is not working the way it should.

Second, we’ll fuel your body with nutrients.

For so long your body has bene deprived of the nutrients that it needs to run optimally. So many diets get you to focus on the calories, instead, we’ll get you to focus on the macros and the micros. You’ll not only be eating more but you’ll be feeling better as well.

And finally, we get you training.

This is to keep your metabolism ticking and your hormones in check. And no, unlike every other program, you won’t be training every day and grinding it out on the cardio machine. Most women spend 2 x 45 minutes with our training program that's been scientifically proven to elevate key hormones inside your body, making you unable to get in shape.

On top of this, you are paired 1-1

directly with our certified Nustrength coaches who we’ve spend years training. 

Here Are THREE Things

That Makes Our 16 Week Win At Life Program Completely Different To Any Other Program Out There…


Our results, we’re the best in the world at what we do and we’ve helped thousands of women around the world inside our Win-at-life coaching program which is why over half a million women follow me on social media or listen to our podcasts.


We put your health first. This isn’t a program about ‘looking good’. Our program optimises your health so that you perform optimally, you feel great inside, and those sugar cravings and binge eating cycles you use to have are a thing of the past. Once we fix your insides, your outsides begin to transform too…

And finally,

Our coaches are second to none. We’ve spent almost half a million dollars on building our proprietary coaching software to allow you flawless communication, check-ins, and scientific data tracking from your nutrition to training. 

We’ve Helped Over 10,000 Women Eat More, Train Less, And Get Amazing Results.

No-one Does This Better Than We Do. 

Meet Rosa

“My husband actually said out of all the programs that you took over the past 10 years this is the only one that actually worked” 

Meet Crisa

" I lost 10 pounds, gained 2 pounds of muscles. My energy level is better, my sleep is better, but my biggest thing is that I have stopped the negative self-talk.”

Meet Amy

“You have to look at it as an investment for your entire family because when you better yourself you’re a better mom and everybody benefits. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself and get stronger if you are strong, you’re unstoppable. You plan better, you sleep better, function better, you react better and your kids see that in you”

Meet Maree

“In 16 weeks I lost 6.5kg and 14% body fat and I’ve been able to appreciate my body and what I look like.”

Meet Melissa

“I bought pills that sat on my cupboard for years. I bought programs that’s why I was conscious about spending money on your program. But the happiness that you get out of it and the health that you get out of it. I would do it 1,000 times over.”

Even More Results From Moms Inside Our Program

Hi I'm Kitty Blomfield, CEO and Co-founder of NuStrength and I’m guessing if you’re here, we’ve had similar experiences with food and diets.

For 17 years of my life I followed restrictive diets and worked out 6-7 days a week. And I was miserable.

I rarely slept through the night, I was bloated, my moods were up and down like a yo-yo, I had no energy and crazy sugar cravings. My period was irregular and painful. Every time I lost weight, I just put it back on again.

I was trapped in a vicious cycle that was not only making me miserable, but was also damaging my physical and mental health.

That all changed for me in 2015 when I met Emma Sgourakis, the nutritionist who told me having the body I wanted didn’t mean living off nuts and seeds. She told me it was okay to drink chocolate milk!

Around this time I also met Craig McDonald (NuStrength Co-Founder, Head Coach and my partner). He introduced me to a new way of training that didn’t require me to work out 6 days a week or do endless cardio.

Basically, everything I believed I had to do to achieve my dream body - was wrong.

Emma and Craig showed me a new, healthier way to achieve the body I wanted. One that didn’t involve obsessively working out or giving up the foods I loved.

What I learnt, transformed my body and health. It freed me from restrictive diets and food obsession for good.

I had never felt healthier or more confident in my body. I knew that if this had changed my life, it could change the lives of so many other women too.

With Craig, we developed one of the most comprehensive and scientifically proven coaching programs available online for women.

Now, we teach women how to change their relationship to food and their body so that they can free themselves from a life of punishing workouts, restrictive diets, low energy, cravings and mood swings.

The 1000’s of women who have gone through our programs have told us that they’ve not only healed their relationship with food and their body, but they’re also happier and more confident in all aspects of their life.

Imagine saying goodbye to the yo-yo diets, see ya later to cutting carbs and sugar and a giant get stuffed to starving yourself to drop the kg's, only to have them pile back when you can’t sustain the bird food or fasting protocols you’ve been subscribing to.

I did it, and you can too!